About Us

About Us

Executive Team:

Chief Executive Officer:        A.S.A.Q Idoe (SHA)

Chief Financial Officer:         A.G. Ekinci

Chief Operations Officer:     S. Angeiras Esq (Head of Legal)



Directors, Partners & Advisors:

Special Asset Director:                     F. Dokonal

Tech Director:                                    A. Saied

U.S.A. Advisor Director:                   D. Barden

U.A.E. Advisor Director:                   J.C. Menard

Dubai Advisor Director:                   Dr. Shaikh Ali

Precious metal Manager:               N. Payne

Real Estate Advisor U.S.A.:            A. Rhodes

Media Design Partner:                    J. Tupanwel

International Advisor:                      I. Pires

E.C.P.G. Ltd Will only communicate and engage through authorized team mentioned on this website.

All legal documents will be exclusively delivered by Suzanna Angeiras Esq, attorney at Law, and the C.E.O.